Crotia, a relax trip

There are only few countries in world that make travellers appreciate the beauty of nature and human civilization, and Croatia certainly falls in this category. A trip to Croatia gives tourists a chance to get familiar with heritage of Roman and Venetian era. Travellers to the country are bound to fall in love with its idyllic beaches, picturesque islands, turquoise sea, green forested valleys.

Croatia is divided into three different regions that are Lowland Croatia, Littoral Croatia and Mountainish Croatia. These three regions encompass five prominent travel areas. The country’s capital Zagreb is a charming ancient city that houses many leisure places for tourists.

Travel plan: 

By this Croatia holiday package, tourists can witness a good number of heritage sites located within the country. The old city of Dubrovnik which was once the only Adriatic city to rival Venice has many sites that allure travellers. Other sites that tourists can visit:

Dubrovnik Synagogue

The Dubrovnik Franciscan Monastery 

Dubrovnik City Walls

Fort LovrijenacHistorical Complex of Split 

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